Josh Simpson Contemporary Glass

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Welcome to the Image Gallery

Images are the best way for you to see the wide variety of work I create. I am not someone who has a signature "thing" that I produce but there is a link or concept that binds everything I make. Many people are familiar with my Planets, but haven't seen Portals or Saturns. These pieces combine Planets with other types of glass. While New Mexico Glass and Iridescent Vases explore the possibilities of color in glass, Colorless Glass reflects my fascination with shape and with trapped air bubbles. In Copper Baskets, soft, malleable crystal glass meets hard, relatively inflexible metal. Tektites highlight the contrast between a smooth voluptuous iridescent interior with the rough dark exterior texture of meteorite glass. Inhabited Vases combine the function of a vase with the depth and intricacy found in Planets. Collaborative work gives me the opportunity to explore the possibilities inherent in combining glass with other media and the creativity of other artists.

These images will tell you more about my work than words possibly can.