Josh Simpson Contemporary Glass

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Audio & Video

Mohawk Valley Living Interview

An expansive interview with Josh about how he got started and a look at what he's accomplished.

Defying Gravity

A short clip (9 mintues) of the making of a 100 lb. Megaplanet - for the Corning  Museum Collection (and the World's largest Paperweight).   Produced by WGBY - Keith Clark and distributed through American Public Television (APT).


Making a Megaplanet

Excerpt from public television documentary Where the Earth Meets the Sky is a revealing, behind-the-scenes look at what goes into making a Megaplanet - feel the heat, hear the sounds, and share the vision.

Making of a Tektite
Josh creates a meteorite Tektite sculpture in his home based studio. Filmed and produced by John Suchocki - the Springfield Republican, January 2008.
Josh Simpson New England Cable News Video
Watch Josh and his team in the studio.
The Infinity Project
A video by Chuck Kraemer.
Chemical Heritage Foundation Interview by Amy Mayer
Amy Mayer is a writer and producer in western Massachusetts. Read and hear more of her work at:
Glass Talk Radio
Josh is interviewed by Dale Smeltzer on Glass Talk Radio.
WFCR story
Charlene Scott of WFCR does a story on Josh's attempt to make larger megaplanets.

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